Plastic Drums & Containers

* We buy and sell empty used Open Top, Closed Top, Screw Tops, Blowpaks, Polycans and Buckets between the sizes of 20L & 1000L All drums are inspected on arrival and any that are rejected are sent to the plastic recyclers. The majority are cleaned, inspected and graded. Grading is as follows: A Grade - Suitable for drinking water for human & animal consumption; B Grade - Suitable for chemicals; and C Grade - Only suitable for dustbins and raft supports. If needed the cleaned drums can be sterilized.

* Cleaning contracts are available where by we collect, clean, inspect and deliver companies own containers. We provide our service to the textile, chemical, solvent, food & beverage, farming industries and the general public. Our goal is to incorporate the cleaning of any items companies would want to reuse with the convenience of having them collected, cleaned and delivered. The advantage of a night shift allows for fast turnover times and ensures the cleaning process does not clash with a client’s production process.

* Please contact us if you are looking to sell any 2nd hand plastic drums. We could help you move from paying waste removal contractors to remove your plastic drums to receiving cash for drums collected. We encourage companies to make use of our services as it helps prevent hazardous chemical drums reaching the informal markets where people and the environment are put at risk.

50L & 70L Closed Tops with Handles

1000L Flowbin
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210L, 150L & 100L Blowpaks

150L, 100L, 50L & 30L Open Tops
with Lid and Clamp

20, 25, 30L Polycans

190 to 220L Open Tops
with Screw on Lids